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Tillamook Lightwave

High Speed Telecommunications Tillamook County

TLW meets every 4th Tuesday in the
Tillamook PUD's Carl Rawe Meeting Room @ 12:00PM

Meeting Agenda

Tillamook Lightwave was created to help bring the benefits of high-speed, low-cost telecommunications to Tillamook County.

Working for public benefit and with the private sector where possible, Tillamook Lightwave (TLW) has built a fiber optic communication infrastructure in Tillamook County that runs from north of Wheeler to south of Tillamook, with redundant connections off the coast to the major metro centers in Oregon.
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The mission of TLW is to provide affordable broadband telecommunication services through public/private partnerships to benefit the communities we serve. The goal is to create a high-speed telecommunication system that will promote economic development, distance learning and telemedicine opportunities in Tillamook County; and improve the overall connectivity to Tillamook County.

Tillamook County's high quality of life, coupled with global connectivity, will contribute to economic diversity, seasonal stability and better youth opportunities. The standard of living will be improved for our county, no longer leaving us on the dark side of the "Digital Divide."

Providing low-cost, high-speed telecommunications access will not only attract industry but will provide access to business and educational opportunities that could ultimately improve financial conditions and livability in Tillamook County. State-of-the-art telecommunications services will bring high speed Internet access, distance learning, video conferencing, and medical image transfer, to name a few, to Tillamook County. The extended availability of these state-of-the-art services will prepare us for the future and allow existing businesses to remain competitive and participate in the global economy.